Swish and Flick - Episode #72 - How to Plan an HP Extravaganza to the UK

Weekly Prophet: https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2463281/jk-rowling-described-fantastic-beasts-3-in-just-three-words-and-theyre-perfect

Here is the supplemental list of links for the episode this week (12-16-18)! My favorite travel items I got & used over in England & Scotland!
Travel Pillow (this was super comfy and we both loved them!)
Packable Down Jacket (This thing squished up to small in our backpacks! Great for warm days but cold nights.)
Travel Wallet (RFID Protection and fits your passport!)
Universal Converter for Plugs (Ekeltricity, courtesy of Mr. Weasley.)
AMAZING Backup Battery for Phones, Cameras, GPS, etc. Can charge your phone fully about 4 times!
The best shoes for rainy Scotland/England – Legit. We both matched the whole trip and it was amazing.
Our itinerary is posted in the Facebook group under Files! Check it out. 

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