Swish and Flick - Episode #87 - Do the Skrewts Have Large Talons?

 Join us for THE chapter - the big one - Chapter 16 - The Hot Cup of Fire! Er... or... The Goblet of Fire. Whatever.

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  • I agree but i do think that ron could have at least trustednhis beast friend that he has had 4 the past 3 years and at least helped him a little bit

  • About episode 88, I believe Ron’s reaction is a defense mechanism. When you think of it, there are only two possible explanations for Harry’s name in the cup. (1) He found a way to put it there to get the fame and money everybody wants. (2) Somebody did it without him knowing, in which case they probably have malicious, if not murderous intentions. Run must know that Voldemort is coming back (he knows about the scar tingling and the prophecy from the end of 3rd year) and it must be terrifying to admit that your best friend life (and possibly yours if you stand by him) is in danger and there is nothing you can do about it since you don’t know what Voldemort is planning. This is especially scary for Run who, contrary to Harry and Hermione, grew up in the wizarding world and has heard directly from his family about what it was like during the war. I believe unconsciously, it was easier to believe that Harry had done it himself than to accept that there is a constant threat over them. Especially from a 14 years old, it must be very scary to accept the thought that your best friend might be killed at any moment. Denial in this case seems like a more viable option, even if it’s not the right choice.


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