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Welcome to Swish & Flick: An All Potter Podcast!

We are a Harry Potter inspired Podcast that will be dissecting all aspects of the Potter series, chapter by chapter, and be warned, there WILL be spoilers. We are rereading the series and putting together all our knowledge from the complete canon as well as adding in what we have learned from Pottermore, exploring unknown areas with fan theories, and even coming up with some theories and ideas of our own!

We post weekly podcasts and vlogs for you that are all about the Wizarding World. We hope you will subscribe to us and follow us on our adventures! 


I've always enjoyed Harry Potter! It's nice to find a podcast that's so enthusiastic about the series. These girls are also very engaging on their Facebook page and incorporate listeners Potter stories into a segment of their show! Looking forward to more episodes.


If you love HP and laughing and pot roast then this is the podcast for you!


These girls are dangerously fun! I listened to their first episode several times and cannot wait for the next one. I will totally be reading along with them. They really know the series well and have a huge passion for all things Harry Potter.


I love the dynamic between all the hosts, and that they each represent the Hogwarts houses! I can't wait to dive in and listen to more!


I can’t stop listening to these girls! It is like listening to my four inner selves talk about Harry Potter!


I am so happy I came across this podcast! Each member brings something different to each episode. There is a magical group dynamic with intriguing insight and plenty of laughs. Definitely something I look forward to each week.


Love listening to these girls. They inspired me to start reading again!


Hilariously funny ladies, debating the questions we have all wondered for years! The chapter by chapter discussions are awesome as well, in that they give us a chance to questions and think about the small details that might have been missed reading them the first time!


I am obsessed. I did not know I could love a podcast so much!


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