Welcome to Swish & Flick: An All Potter Podcast!

We are a book club style podcast made up of four friends from each of the houses! We are rereading the Potter series chapter-by-chapter and putting together all our knowledge from the complete canon as well as adding in what we have learned from the Wizarding World. We explore unknown areas with fan theories and even come up with some theories and ideas of our own! And be warned - there will be spoilers!

We post weekly podcasts and vlogs for you that are all about the Wizarding World. We hope you will subscribe to us and follow us on our adventures! 

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I've always enjoyed Harry Potter! It's nice to find a podcast that's so enthusiastic about the series. These girls are also very engaging on their Facebook page and incorporate listeners Potter stories into a segment of their show! Looking forward to more episodes.


I LOVE this podcast! The four hosts are each amazing women and know more about Potter than anyone I’ve ever met. They do great deep dives into theories and the story and cover basically every other part of the Potter universe as well. I also love their tangents - they give me life. Definitely listen to this podcast if you need more Potter in your life!!


This is my fave podcast to listen to, you guys were the first podcast I’ve listened to and you are what made me love them! Thank you so much for your fun banter and weekly uploads, I feel like I’m in a real conversation with you when I’m listening I’m so glad to have found some fellow geeks! Thanks so much for making a great environment/community- Novah an one year listener/ lover


I love the dynamic between all the hosts, and that they each represent the Hogwarts houses! I can't wait to dive in and listen to more!


5 lightning bolt scars for this podcast! Each of these women feels like a friend and they break down each chapter of Harry Potter in a way I think about whenever I read the books! Like Hogwarts, each episode feels like it’s welcoming me back home to the wizarding world! Swish & Flick is the Lumos in a dark day. Ladies, thank you for giving me something to look forward to each week! ⚡️


I listen to this podcast every day and every night before I go to sleep and I can never wait for Sunday’s when it comes out! I love Florence and all the episodes that you guys do. Keep Calm and Swish on!


These four magnificent hosts are... magnificent. They are hilarious, accepting and well informed. Everything about each episode is entertaining. Even the tangents, which do happen, are so fun to listen to. I’m so grateful they have made this podcast.


Hilariously funny ladies, debating the questions we have all wondered for years! The chapter by chapter discussions are awesome as well, in that they give us a chance to questions and think about the small details that might have been missed reading them the first time!


I have listened to quite a few potter podcasts or rather tried to listen but couldn’t develop interest in any of them. Once i found this one and started listening, i realized, I didn’t need any other. This is best one for Harry potter and most fun to listen to you guys. Great job