Meet the Hosts of Swish and Flick Podcast & Fangirls and Fairytales Bookpod

Tiffany O'Malley - Swish and Flick Podcast, Fangirls and Fairytales Bookpod

Tiffany is your Swish and Flick Gryffindor host! You know, the one who can bust your ear drums with a single laugh! She is happily married to her best friend and Mom to Lady Supreme! She is the mama to Fozzy Bear, the lovely Labradoodle who crashes Swish and Flick recording sessions! Tiffany is a first grade teacher – education and podcasting are her passions! Health and fitness is also a large part of her life, lifting is her favorite!  Along with the other ladies, she posts on our social media pages as well as writing the outlines for our regular Swish and Flick episodes as well as our Felix Files episodes for our patrons! 

Megan Petras - Swish and Flick Podcast, Fangirls and Fairytales Bookpod

Megan is your Slytherin Swish and Flick host! She is a nanny and Editor / Designer / Social Media / Marketing Guru of Swish and Flick on the side! She is cat mom to Ignotus Peverell (Iggy) & Teddy Lupin (Teddy), and dog mom to Fillmore. She also enjoys traveling, Disney, The Golden State Warriors, Cats, Katie, Coffee, werewolves (named Remus Lupin)... The list could go on. Megan definitely wishes she had discovered podcasting much sooner because it's now her biggest passion. 

Megan, Katie and their friend Crissy also launched a new podcast, Friends Watching Friends! Megan has never seen Friends so it's just the three of them laughing about her predictions and thoughts as she watches the show for the first time. Check it out here.

Megan and Katie are also vloggers on their YouTube channel called The Petras Family. You can subscribe here. Katie will give you the details below.... 

Katie Petras - Swish and Flick Podcast, Fangirls and Fairytales Bookpod

By day, Katie works as a graphic designer. By night, she represents Hufflepuff on Swish and Flick! She’s just a little obsessed with Harry Potter (or should we say, Remus Lupin), Disney, cats, coffee, and her wife, Megan. Aside from being one of the four hosts, Katie is responsible for much of the design that goes into Swish & Flick. Her and Megan work together to create the podcast’s logos, website, merchandise, and more. When she isn’t podcasting, you can find her taking too many pictures of her cats or curled up on the couch with a warm mug of tea.

Katie is also a part of: 

The Petras Family: Megan and Katie’s YouTube Channel - Married. Cat moms. Dog moms. Travel. Friends. Podcasting. Designing. Follow us on our adventures!


Kayla Dawn - Fangirls and Fairytales Bookpod

Kayla, aka THE KaylaDawn, aka "The Connection Queen," is the fourth host of Fangirls and Fairytales. She is a Project Manager by day and a romance and fantasy reader by night (or like, really wee hours of the morning, technically). A swiftie since debut, Kayla lives for making connections across albums and eras the same way she loves making connections in books (hence, the SJM obsession).

A retired wanderlust traveler turned homebody. She loves being at home with her plants and her partner, Brandon. She's very fond of all things soft and cozy. When not working or recording, she's either deeply burrowed in the couch with pillows, a latte, & a book, or painting with watercolors while listening to an audiobook.

Kayla helps with pod organization, social media, and writes the episode outlines for Fangirls and Fairytales. She is also a booktoker! Find her gushing about her favorite reads @sincerelykayladawn.