Meet Your Hosts


Tiffany O'Malley


Tiffany is your Swish and Flick Gryffindor host! You know, the one who can bust your ear drums with a single laugh! She is happily married to her best friend and they recently had their first baby, a little baby Swisher! She is the mama to Fozzy Bear, the lovely Labradoodle who crashes Swish and Flick recording sessions! Tiffany is a first grade teacher – education and podcasting are her passions! Health and fitness is also a large part of her life, lifting is her favorite!  Along with the other ladies, she posts on our social media pages as well as writing the outlines for our regular Swish and Flick episodes as well as our Felix Files episodes for our patrons! 

Megan Petras

Megan is your Slytherin Swish and Flick host! She is a graphic designer at her "real" job and Editor / Designer / Social Media / Marketing Guru of Swish and Flick on the side! She is cat mom to Ignotus Peverell (Iggy), Teddy Lupin (Teddy), and Minerva McGonagall (Minny). She also enjoys traveling all over the place, but most commonly... Universal Orlando & Walt Disney World! Other major obsessions include: Disney, The Golden State Warriors, Cats, Katie, Coffee, YouTube, Florida, werewolves, Pooh Bear... The list could go on. Megan definitely wishes she had discovered podcasting much sooner because it's now her biggest passion. 

Megan is on another podcast with her wife, Katie. Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast! We are chronologically watching all the Disney films and discussing them in-depth. Make sure you search for us on iTunes!

Megan and Katie are also on a YouTube channel called Main Street 9 3/4. You can subscribe here. Katie will give you the details below.... 

Katie Petras

By day, Katie works as a graphic designer. By night, she represents Hufflepuff on Swish and Flick! She’s just a little obsessed with Harry Potter (or should we say, Remus Lupin), Disney, cats, coffee, and her wife, Megan. Aside from being one of the four hosts, Katie is responsible for much of the design that goes into Swish & Flick. Her and Megan work together to create the podcast’s logos, website, merchandise, and more. When she isn’t podcasting, you can find her taking too many pictures of her cats or curled up on the couch with a warm mug of tea.

Katie is also a part of: 
Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast - A chronological movie review of The Walt Disney Studio’s animated, live action, and hybrid films!

Main Street 9 3/4: Megan and Katie’s YouTube Channel - Avid lovers and visitors of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, the couple realized many other fans only rooted for one team or the other. But Megan and Katie have always loved both. Follow along on their Harry Potter, Disney, and Ohio-filled adventures!

Sarah O'Malley

Sarah, otherwise known as Florence, is our resident Ravenclaw.  She has a love for all things Harry Potter, especially Hagrid.  Sarah spends her days working as a patient care assistant at a local hospital and is a licensed cosmetologist. She loves to cook and is always whipping something up in the kitchen for her fellow hosts. As well as providing the food, Sarah also brings the laughs. She is never without a joke or a one liner to get everyone laughing. In her off time, you can find Sarah relaxing with a book, listening to music, usually Adele or Hamilton, and some coffee.  She loves to spend her time with family and friends, laying by the pool, discovering new restaurants, and hanging with her favorite pup, Fozzy Bear. Along with Harry Potter, Sarah enjoys watching Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Friends, musicals, and anything Disney.