Where can I find your podcast?

Swish and Flick: An All Potter Podcast can be found on Spotify - exclusively. Here is the direct link to our episodes! spoti.fi/swishflickcast

Where can I find your music playlists?

You can find them on our Spotify Profile! Here is a link to our profile: Spotify Profile

What House are each of you in? What are your wands? What are your patronus'?

Tiffany is in Gryffindor. Her patronus is a fox. Her wand is Hazel Wood, Pheonix Feather Core, 9 3/4" Length, Reasonably Supple Flexibility. Her Ilvermorny house is Horned Serpent.

Megan is in Slytherin. Her patronus is a fox. Her wand is Alder Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core, 11 3/4" Length, Quite Bendy Flexibility. Her Ilvermorny house is Wampus.

Katie is in Hufflepuff. Her patronus is a dolphin. Her wand is Yew Wood, Unicorn Hair Core, 10" Length, Slightly Springy Flexibility. Her Ilvermorny house is Thunderbird.

Sarah is in Ravenclaw. Her patronus is a sparrowhawk. Her wand is Black Walnut Wood, Unicorn Hair Core, 12 1/4" Length, Hard Flexibility. Her Ilvermorny House is Wampus.

How did you all meet?

Megan and Sarah attended High School together and met Freshman year. Megan and Katie also met in High School, began dating sophomore year, and are now married. Tiffany is married to Sarah's brother!

How can I listen to The Felix Files? And what is Patreon?

The Felix Files are our bonus episodes that come out bi-weekly through Patreon. Patreon is a website that allows us to offer a membership for our listeners to grant them access to special content! The Felix Files is offered to our Bowtruckle Patrons and higher. Patreon also allows you the opportunity to be on The Felix Files & to join our monthly video chat hangout with the hosts. Patreon - Click Here

Wait... who is married?

Megan and Katie are married! They met sophomore year of high school and have been together ever since. They have been together for over 10 years and got married in October of 2016. 

 How can I join your Facebook Group that you always talk about on the podcast?

Find our Facebook page here!
If you click on "Groups" it is connected to our Page - or click here!

How do I submit my Potter Story?

Please email it to us at swishflickcast@gmail.com and we will make sure to read it on a future episode!

Where can I find you on social media?

Facebook: Swish & Flick
Instagram: @SwishFlickCast
Twitter: @SwishFlickCast
Tiktok: @SwishFlickCast

Twitter: @TiffSwish_Flick 
Instagram: @TiffSwish_Flick

Megan & Katie:
Instagram: @thepetrasfamily
Twitter: @thepetrasfamily
Tiktok: @thepetrasfamily

Instagram: @ohhhmalley